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Wanderlei-Akiyama signed for UFC 116


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Wanderlei Silva?s birthday gift is all set - a July 3rd fight with Yoshihiro Akiyama at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Fighters Only can reveal. Silva was born on July 3rd 1976, which means he will turn 34 on the night he faces the Japanese-Korean judo stylist.


It has long been rumoured that Silva?s next opponent would be Akiyama. The two were originally thought to be meeting at UFC 110 before Silva-Bisping was made and UFC president Dana White said after that event that Silva would probably fight Akiyama next.


But the date was not set until recently. One of the fighters has signed and returned his bout agreements and the other is expected to be returned this week, making the clash official for UFC 116. The event will also see the return of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, who will face the winner of the Shane Carwin/Frank Mir fight that takes place at UFC 111 this weekend....................

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Both these fighters like to bang, it should be exciting.

I will reserve my take on the fight until late May. Please, let us not speculate and make predictions too soon. I said this about the Machida and Shogun fight, and yet people have already beat it to death. When late April comes around, we will hear the same stories over and over again.


Be patient folks.

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Since I am a big Akiyama fan. I think the best way for Akiyama to approach this fight is to use his judo and try to take the fight to the ground. I don't think Akiyama would be able to stand with the Wanderlei, but at the sametime he has the ability and the chin to bang with him. Another thing to look at if I was Akiyama is that we don't know how good Wanderlei's chin is now. So I would try to test that chin if I was him, but that is another approach.


My prediction:


1round- Akiyama and Wanderlei show respect for one another and kind of feel each other out with punches, jabs, and kicks. Towards the end of the round Akiyama will use his judo to put him down to take the round. 10-9 AKIYAMA


2round- Wanderlei knows that he lost the first round so he will put together punching combinations with his kicks and try to put him down but Akiyama sprawls to avoid takedowns. Towards the end of the round Akiyama lands a good right hand on Wanderlei, but only rocks him alittle. Wanderlei leans against the cage and Akiyama pursues, and they start to stand and bang as the 2nd round ends. 10-9 WANDERLEI


3round- Wanderlei starts the round with punches and kicks again but Akiyama gets a hold of Wanderlei's leg and lands a punch on him. Akiyama puts Wanderlei down and is on guard. Akiyama lands a few good shots on him but Wanderlei uses his hips and gets up. Wanderlei sets up a charge with punches on Akiyama and rocks him, but Akiyama is aware enough to take him down with a double leg. Akiyama has Wanderlei on the ground but Sexyama gets off of him and signals him to get up saying, "Lets bang". They share punches towards the end of the round. 10-9 AKIYAMA




I know I am biase since I am an Akiyama fan, but I want your opinions on the round. I kind of put alot of thought into the prediction.

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