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Really chilling video, demon seen in woods.


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Crazy video. I doubt it's real' date=' though to be honest.


What's that tv show where they go out to try and find out if these kinds of creatures are real or not? It was a pretty interesting show. They look for the lochness, big foot, el chupacabras etc. Anyone know that show?[/quote']


I believe you are talking about Monster Quest

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You just have to laugh at all these videos... And specially the people that actually think it is real.


I mean c'mon... What, that demon is sitting all alone in the woods at night doing what? Thinking about Greek philosophy? Trying to understand the status anxiety in modern civilizations? Did you see the way that "demon" was standing/sitting? Greek philosophers stance.


And when people see him he just squeels and let them go??? Shouldn't he be like keeping his identity secret or whatever???


Gosh, now I find myself even dumber writing so much about this....



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