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Matt Brown


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Matt Brown is one of my favourite fighters in the UFC. Great heart, loves to bang, never quits, humble in a sportsmanship way and very underrated. He always puts on an awesome show.


In regards to his fight against Ricardo, its a dangerous fight. Big dog never quits either and is very dangerous on the ground. If The Immortal manages to keep the fight standing he should win via TKO or decision easily.


Should he come away with the win I would love to see him fight some top guys in the division, like Paul Daley, because that would be a standup war.

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It's Almeida's first fight @ WW so depending on how the weight cut goes' date=' if it drains Almeida, Brown by tko for sure.


I have a feeling this will be the perfect weight class for Almeida though.


should be a good scrap[/quote']


Echoing my sentiments exactly.

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