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Sex Is Like Pizza or MMA!


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Even when its bad its good




Myself I would like to talk about who can beat BJ,talking with MBoo,I thought Shinya would be most relevent but its true maybe he is to one dimesional. Any thoughts who can bring down the beast at 155? Or must we just be satisfied that the fact remains he can only beat himself.


Pisses me off that GSP has to fight Hardy does anyone really give him a chance? George has cleaned out the WW division and must move up.Maybe Paulo is left but even thats iffy.Will he stand by his word and move up or continue to be a yes man for Dana and Co?


Don't write off Maia just yet, He may not win but I supose he will fair better than Cote running around trying to make to the 5th just to say he went the distance, or Thales that laid on his back all night hoping Silva would ( I don't know what he was thinking to be honest )


Cigano proved he's the real deal and that in fact maybe this is the one Brock should take notice! Cain is still not legit to me but Cain/JDS must happen to resolve the pecking order in the HW division.My own opinion is that Cigano would walk through Cain .Don't tell me what he did to Big Nog their two different fighters!


Finnally Machida gets to ride the lightning with Rua! He won the first fight IMO, I'll be there and rooting for this kid as I have been since 2002/2003. We will see a new champ!

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Cote was losing the fight but he is the only person I have seen be able to take direct strikes to the face from Anderson and not be hurt. He also had the balls to trade punches with him. I don't think he was going to win but he provided the best brawl that I have ever seen Silva have in the UFC. If his knee didn't give out after all those hard leg kicks that really could have been a fight for the ages. I would love to see Cote get a chance at a rematch.

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