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What Devision Is The Most Stacked


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Well I know the Middlewheight division isnt. I would think that the WW division has the most talent though. LHW has the most competitive fighters, LW has the most exciting, and HW has the most interesting. That being said, The LHW division is probably the most stacked.

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LHW is most stacked, no question. 3 former champs all active and top 5: Rampage, Evans, Griffin. That belt get's passed around like a football, no one is safe, and serious prospects Jones, Bader, T. Silva, and of course A. Silva likes to make an impression.


Then in my opinion:


HW - division has definitly made the most progress in the last 2 years (though not because of TUF 10) I am finally excited to see HW match ups.

WW - just look at 111 lots of great WW fights and title fight.

LW - used to have stacked contenders now Penn looks like Silva of the division. I still think some of the best fights come from this divison though.

MW - ghost town of contenders, even the champ doesn't care to fight in the division.


P.S. should have made a poll for this thread.

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I really like the light heavyweight. For some reason it seams to have more great fighters that catch my attention than the heavyweight or any other division. I also think the welterweight division is right up there.

Note: I hope my favorite fighter, "Chuck Liddell" makes a strong comeback after his time off. Couture is doing pretty good at 46 and liddell is barely 40. Come on Chuck.

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