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Michael Jackson Video Game


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I found this article at http://www.gamenewshq.com/news/457053


Even before his death, there were rumors of a Michael Jackson game in development, but it looks like the King of Pop's posthumous fame could add up to the eventual release of an official Michael Jackson video game. Sony has purchased the video game rights to Michael Jackson, along with his back catalog of unreleased music.


According to reports, Sony's $200 million purchase from MJ's estate allows for the release of ten Michael Jackson albums, DVDs and videogame from now until 2017. Rob Stringer, chairman of the Columbia Epic division of Sony said: "There may be theater. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games."


Which leaves the question: What kind of Michael Jackson games can we expect? I'd look for a karaoke game, obviously, but hopefully, something more interesting/weird will come out of the deal.


Michael was a huge gamer -- just take a look at the contents of the Neverland arcade -- so I hope any upcoming MJ related title will be more than a cynical attempt to exploit a famous name.


Source: Computer and Video Games


Lol someone suggested a home alone style video game featuring michael jackson, any other ideas?

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not funny bro..rest in peace michael jackson


what do you mean whats not funny? that he was abused as a kid? that he molested kids? that he died of an over dose? That sony bought rights to this and is gonna make a video game out this! Its a sick sick world, now lets pay two guys to beat the **** out of each other in a cage! yay! and just drink and forget about stuff... or not

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What exactly did he do? Go around in his prime, grabbing his crotch in leather pants, and dance rather much like a *****? No thanks. I thought his music was horrid as well. He then started having kids over at his house, sleeping in the same bed with him. Nothing was ever proven, but a lot of kids made the same complaints. And I'm sure more held back. He had no money, near the end. He was trying to pay off so much at one time, meaning that his dreams of ferris wheels and kiddy attractions took up his thoughts over money management. He had his nose chipped away at like a barbarian would against stone. He changed his skin tone in an act of vanity and downright desperation. He named one of his kids Blanket. I could go on.


He did more than any of us? Let's hope not or this whole world is doomed.


Let's face it. If I went out and bought the type of house he did, had the kids over, in my bed. The whole thing. I looked the way he did, talked the way he did, etc etc.

I'd be in jail right now and everyone in here knows it.

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