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We on mmahotshot.com are trying to decipher whether to include Bellator in our list of events available to predict on.


I'm saying yes due to the fact there are some good names in there, enough to get a decent predicting session in. One of the other admins isn't so sure, thinking there's not enough well-known names to make it worthwhile and people may be put off.


We currently cover UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, Sengoku and DREAM.


What do you guys think?

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I'd say YES, im not all into the predictions on your site(haven't visited yet) but..


my favourite fighter in the damn world Dan Hornbuckle is gonna wreck house, he's who i got & Roger Huerta addition is bonkers. Can't wait until season 2 of Bellator. some Big names fighting in these tournaments. It's a level right below UFC for me, above the rest of those organizations.



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It's good to see another Dan Hornbuckle fan amongst us...I agree he's a great fighter and he's got to be one of the faves going into the welterweight tournament. I mean come on, this guy KO'd Akihiro Gono in spectacular fashion in Sengoku Ninth Battle!


It was after Huerta joined I started thinking about it considering the names getting involved with Bellator including a few UFC and IFL vets. Perhaps one of the guys I'm most keen to see is new-to-the-MMA-scene Cole Konrad to see if he can take his hype to the next level.


I can see Bellator being a great shop window for larger promotions to keep an eye on.

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