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Thiago Alves needs exploratory surgery, hopes to return to action in May


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IDK If it's been posted already, I searched [it never works for me] and couldnt find anything so here it is.


And while he didn't get to discuss a fight that with a win may have vaulted him to a rematch against Georges St-Pierre, instead of lamenting of what could have been, he stood before a packed house, flanked by manager Malki Kawa and head trainer Ricardo Liborio, and announced he'll be undergoing an exploratory procedure Wednesday morning in New York.


If all goes well, Alves will return to Florida two days later and he said there's a 90 percent chance he'll be medically cleared to resume training full time.


In fact, his management is asking the UFC to schedule him to fight at UFC 114 in May.


"I just want to fight and get cleared by the commission as fast as possible. I want to let it out. I have this thing inside of me since July. We'll get there."




He'll be back soon which is great, just curious to see who they'll put him up against. Possibly the winner of Fitch/Saunders since that sounds the most logical.

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