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Who will win Tuf 11?

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Noke is impressive' date=' especially the fights you listed


but Lynch is anything but frail, just throwing that out there. toughest guy in opening rounds by far. he's got very good striking & a tough chin. his ground game is also good but we did not get to see that because of the TKO.


people like Clayton because of his attitude for the most part & how technically sound he looked. head & foot-movement + rubber guard on the ground. definitely looked like somebody who knows how to throw down & pick apart guys in a variety of ways.[/quote']



Noke does look like a bad ****. Trains at a top club and has wicked experience. Would love to see an aussie do well :) I would say this guy is going to be in the top 4


Yager is great. His stand up is top notch and last night watching his take down defense, I was impressed. But we haven't seen his ground and from what I have heard, it is suspect. So he may be weak in that area.


Camozzi, I want to see that guy come back. Tough as nails and dude was wanting to fight with a broken jaw, which he called a tooth ache lol


Tavarez looks great. That Hawaiian fighting spirit. Watch for him in the finals. I consider him in the top 4.


Court Magee. This guy is tough. Tough wrestler. I don't think we have seen enough of him to judge and his first fight was great, but from what I have heard, it doesn't seem to showcase all his skills. So I am unconvinced with him.


McCray is top 4 for sure. He is pretty dangerous. I would like to see more ground work from him.


Nick Ring is top 4 in my mind as well. I think if he has the chance, he is going to bring it to the ground with who ever he fights in his next fight. I'd love to see him go up against Yager and expose his ground weakness.


So my top 4 is...





Tavarez (or court/camozzi/yager)

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