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this is becoming stupid now


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Trend starts.....when your favorite fighter loses...post a thread about why they actually won.

and when a fighter who you feel cant finish people ends up with wins....post a reason why their boring and forgettable.

when a lb for lb great doesn't fight the greatest fighters post a reason why their actually horrible.


i say this because thats all that the UFC forum as become lately. you guys have to get over yourselves. your turning this into a sherdog forum. i understand people are supposed to post their feelings and questions about mma, share videos and articles that the general public has yet to see. but half the stuff on here in the recent months have been absolutely pathetic.


people saying ufc events are horrible, or boring..i challenge you to find any contact sporting even better than the ones ufc puts on. people who complain about guys wrestling instead of standing up and fighting...then go watch some k-1 goofballs or some ****ty boxing events.


the fact remains, for namely the casual UFC fans only, who post on this forum....save your single minded opinions for you and your friends. dont come blowing up forums because your upset about a single fight on a card that was packed with great fights. so very often i scroll through these threads and notice the crying that goes on about UFC events that don't deliver. I honestly cannot think of one UFC that has not delivered atleast 2 great fights.


Some of the GREATEST ASPECTS of the fight game is that theres upsets, quick finishes, and brilliant performances. But so many on here like to pick out the 2 or 3 fights or the handful of things wrong about a single fight.


Just sit back and enjoy it. Why put down an entire event because the fighter you have a ******* for loses or puts on a lack luster performance.


And to be honest, its not really a "noob" thing either. more often its the senior members.

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