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It is Franklin


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I don't think this fight at this point in their career is main event worthy' date=' good fight yes. Main event..no.[/quote']


Not every card can have a title fight, man.

Regardless of their records over the last few fights, I believe both are still very relevant in this division.

Chuck's losses, minus the Jardine fight, have all been to top-tier fighters. Rampage beat him for the title, Rashad went on to win the title, and Shogun.. well, everyone has their own opinions on that fight. Regardless, he gave Machida the best fight of his career.

As for Rich, aside from his losses to Anderson, in which I will say that nobody has done quite as well on their feet against him as Franklin has, he's got a SD loss to Hendo (which many people, myself included, believe Franklin won) and a loss by KO to Vitor. Personally, I though Franklin looked 'off' that night. Definitely not the same Rich Franklin that I'm used to seeing. He looked tentative and gun-shy. Besides, Brazillian southpaws are Franklin's Kryptonite! (Machida, Silva, Belfort)


Whoever wins this fight will definitely be back in the top-10 when it's over.

I'd love to see Franklin vs Shogun!

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