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UFC Commentators: What are the alternatives...


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here's a quick list of all the MMA commentators that i could think of.


the list is in descending order (best to worst, imo)


1. rogan.

2. metzger

3. pulver

4. bas

5. shiavello

6. miletich

7. quadros

8. couture

9. goldie

10. florian

11. rice

12. shamrock (frank)

13. smith

14. shamrock (ken)

15. mir

16. k-1 commentator that isnt michael shiavello

16. wheelock

17. wec commentator that isnt frank mir

19. trigg

20. ortiz



i cant think of anyone else...

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Shiavello makes me laugh a lot sometimes he gets annoying and slips up on a call but hes hilarious for the most part and just loves MMA and K-1. Most the fighting i watch is commentated by him he covers most the events in Japan.


Bas also has a lot of good and funny input during fights.


of course all fighters make good commentators i like when they have a fighter helping out.

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