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one round only


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i had a look at this thread.


Should the UFC subtract penalty points for inactivity & showboating?



but in the later rounds i dont think the fighter in front really would care to much about losing points in the last few rounds


but if there was one round only.


15 minutes for normal fights and 25 minutes for championship fights


i think you will get fairer decisions on points. and penalties can impact overall.

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While these fighters are among the most athletic people in the world, I don't think you can expect that from any human being. I understand your issue after watching the A. Silva show but I don't think this is the answer. Maybe it's something as simple as, if you lose points for inactivity or showboating, Dana doesn't pay you. So basically, a fighter trained for 6 weeks or more, showed up to the fight, danced around like an idiot and then goes home without a paycheck.

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