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Who has the worst nickname in ufc


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Wow. Just WOW. Brand new member. Barely 10 posts. EVERYBODY can see the poll content is jacked except you. Punchy attitude.


Sounds like to me there's some embarrassment and too much ego to admit wrongdoing. In order to counter, the OP decides to lash out on fellow members. There's something rotten in Denmark....

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Of course this doesn't make sense mal has no idea about ufc but he has made many posts about it. Tuttle were you talking to me or mal.

It's true. I like to stop by the forum and randomly post horrible polls that everyone can see are completely messed up just to make myself look like an idiot. Then I like to tell everyone how they don't know anything about the UFC.


Wow...when I read that back it really makes me think that people who act like that should set themselves on fire.

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