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extra time


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they get paid to fight and get paid to entertain


silva was entertaining for 2 and a half rounds, i was entertained by silva. and when maia was attacking.


i think there is a difference between defense and running away which seems like time wasting.


winning the first 3 rounds, does this give a fighter the right to back away for the next two? what are your thoughts?


i would like to see a rule where a ref can call on extra time or another 1 or 2 rounds and warn the fighters about time wasting.


even tho silva got warned, even if he loses a point he would not care, because at worst all he is going to do is lose a round. but if an extra round was added on, then they might think twice about wasting time


so if a fighter gets warned about time wasting. an extra round will be fought. and if he continues he will lose a point. something like that

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