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Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos


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i dont think you will see this fight unless one of them wins the title or they both fail winning the title' date=' the ufc wont put these 2 against each other in a number 1 contender match[/quote']



If it ever takes place, whenever that may be, I will be rooting for Cigano. It could go either way.

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agreed, .. bad business to match them this early, maybe one hypothetic scenario >

carwin beats lesnar

mir beats gonzaga

velasquez beats carwin

dos santos beats mir

velasquez vs dos santos < summer / fall 2011

lesnar vs winner


carwin gets barry

nogueira gets mir ll

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they should have this fight happen an the winner ( who ever i love em both but i think dos santos trains better he works with a better camp ) face the winner of brock an shane its a fight to only watch an see what happens. this is just as awesome if anderson were to fight vitor

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