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Great fight for Josh this week!


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Wow that was a great fight i am really supised Josh didnt KO Kris it looked like it was about to be over after Joshs barrage of lefts and rights in the third round.


I honestly think Kris gave up that third round after the barrage he just dropped his hands and then more ore less let Josh take his back i dont think Kris has the heart ATM to become the Ultimate fighter sure he lost but there is still the WIldcard


but still good fight for Josh cant wait for next weeks ep!

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i thought mccray was going to destroy him. Well done to josh:)


Yep that was a good fight by Josh!


I thought McCray would have done better for sure though! I had picked Josh as one of the dark horses of the show, right from the beginning!


The other guy I picked as a dark horse, was Jordan Smith (the teacher guy who liked beating people) but he got eliminated quickly!


:) 10-0 record.


You can bet if McCray gets the wild card, I don't think he will be so anxious to go so hard in the first round! He usually finishes guys in 45 seconds, but Bryant took him the whole 15. If he gets another chance, he may play it safer...


Should McCray get the wildcard though ?


One of these four may still get put out...


Nick Ring - 10-0

Henle - 3-0

Court McGee 9-1

Seth 11-5


What do you think of those guys getting it...


Or even bring back Kaycey Uscola... put him on Liddells team and then have him fight Yager... hehe

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mccray shouldnt get the wild card he gave up in the last 2 rounds the 3rd especially, someone like hammortree should get it, he lost to a good fighter in a close decision the other i dunno every other guy whos lost its been in pretty convincing style, see how the next 2 weeks pan out

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I wasn't that impressed by Hammortree. It was a close fight, but he didn't seem to offer much other than wrestling, and he struggled against a guy who clearly wasn't too strong on the ground.


If I had to pick a wildcard out of the first 5 fights, I'd go with Uscola, purely because McKinney is injured, McKray gassed after a few minutes, and Hammortree didn't impress me.


For Team Liddell, Charlie Blanchard is the only option for now, but I'd expect one of their team to get beaten by Nick Ring.

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