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Happy 4/20 to all my fellow ganja tokers! I hope that everyone has a killer day today so sit back, relax, blaze some good green and go to cloud 9. Today is a historic event for sinsemilla smokers around THE WORLD and there will be massive groups of people smoking together all day today. Everyone who blaze's I hope your blazing on some good stuff because I know I will be, I got some of Northern Cali's finest from the Harborside club in Oakland. To those of you who do not toke up the good ganj I hope you guys have a good day also, but let me tell you right now that your missing out!!!!!!! But peace and love to all anyway. Roll that ish, Light that ish, and Smoke that ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day everyone 420/2010 PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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