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UFC 115 not amazing - but i'm still excited!


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I've never seen Lidell fight live. call me a noob but i've done my homework.


I'm actually rather interested to see a match between Lidell and Franklin. I'll be cheering for Franklin.


I'm also excited to see Cro Cop fight. I know he's on the decline but every time UFC bills him, I hope it's his big come back.


I don't care much for Kampmann, but Paulo Thiago is slowly winning me over. It'll be nice to see more fighters in the contender picture.


Lastly, as a Canadian, I'm excited to see some of my countrymen fighting and although I may not see ALL of them fight due to undercard status, I look forward to the outcome.


in comparison to Montreal's card... it's weak. regardless, i'll be watching :)

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