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Who has more value, Kos at 711k or Daley at 416K?


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Hey guys, I'm entering a Fantasy League that has a Salary cap format. I need to pick 10 fighters and stay under 5 mil. I think Daley has a good chance of winning and he's also 300K less so I think I'm going to pick him. Just want any feedback. Koscheck at 700k seems like a lot to spend on him, I'm not sure how good the return will be.

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the fight will be determind by 2 things


1. daleys takedown defence' date=' if he can keep it standing its got to be his fight

2. koschecks ego, if he's dumb enough to strike with daley then its daley's fight[/quote']


Koscheck does seem to like to stand now and if he does, it's all Daley. I'm just leaning Daley right now and will use the 300K for an upgrade to another fighter.

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Well to be honest' date=' I think Kos will just take Daley down and either wina UD or a rear naked choke, but you never know its a tough call[/quote']


he claims hes standing toe to toe but he said the about johnson and took it down whenever he got hit good, hes not dumb enough to try to ko daley on the feet, but i hope he is

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The safe bet would be with Koscheck. He was a very good ground game compared to Daley's lackluster ground game. However' date=' you never know and Kos could try to stand with Daley, which might not lean his way.[/quote']


Yeah, if it was even money, I would go with with Kos for sure. But for some reason, this fight is closer to me than the 300K more I would have to spend on Kos. Hard call. I keep going back and forth. Even if I do pick Daley and he get beat, I'm guessing he would get right back in pretty quick and get an easy win and get me some points back. Kos really doesn't put a lot of damage on guys so Daley could be back pretty quick.

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Ok, here's my team.


My MMACrypt Fantasy Team


Georges St. Pierre $1,000,000


Lyoto Machida $1,000,000


Brock Lesnar $1,000,000


Rich Franklin $288,235


Paul Daley $416,667


George Sotiropoulos $466,667


Jon Jones $511,765


Melvin Guillard $100,000


Ross Pearson $100,000


Brendan Schaub $100,000


I was able to use up 4,983,334 of my 5 million cap space.

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A little update on the schedule. I really hate it being only 3 months to be honest but this kind of explains it. I think the 2nd season will be better. And I'm really glad I didn't take Forrest, he's already out due to a shoulder injury.


Ok guys, been playing with the schedule a bit. Here's how it's going to work. This first season will be 3 months. Just a trial season to see how it all works and such. It will run from May through the end of July. Season 2 will run starting August 1st until the end of the year which will be 5 months. Then starting Jan 1st of 2011, they will be 6 month seasons, so 2 a year. Members will be able to enter after the start of the season, they will just be starting in the hole from which ever events they missed.
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