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Ps3 ufc league


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Right now we are only using UFC fighter but if there is demand for a CAF division from the members it will be added.






This League is PlayStation 3 for the video game UFC Undisputed 2010.






Fighter Contracts


Members may pick up to 2 fighters. The must be in different weight classes. To pick a fighter you must go to the Fighter Contract section and fill out a contract template for an available fighter. Each contract will last for 5 fights. This gives members a option to switch fighters of weight classes if they desire, but also lets them keep their fighter if they choose to. When a fighter contract runs out the member can renew the contract for another 5 fights or drop the contract in which case that fighter becomes available to other members. Do not worry no one can steal your fighter. You have first say if you want to renew your contract, or not. Your fighter will not be put on the available roster until your decision is made.






Posting fight results


Fight results will be posted by the winner of the fight. The result is not official until it is confirmed by the loser. If the loser does not confirm his loss or dispute the result within 48 hours of the fight than the posted result will be accepted as the official result. Everyone may record their fight or take a final screen shot if they wish, to make sure there is no controversy over their fight results. If a person is caught lying about a result they will lose their fighter contract and there record will be reset. If the same person breaks the rules again they will be removed from the league.






Non-League fight point system


Non-League fights will work with a point system to rank the overall top fighter. How many points you earn will be based on how well you fight.


The winner of the match will be awarded 10 point(s), the loser will be awarded 5 point(s) There will be a KO/SUB bonus depending on the round the fight was finished. Below are the bonus point(s) which can be earned.


KO/SUB Round 1 will result in 3 point(s) bonus.


KO/SUB Round 2 will result in 2 point(s) bonus.


KO/SUB Round 3 will result in 1 point(s) bonus








If you can not make a scheduled fight please send the Admin a PM. There doesn't need to be a reason only a notification that you cannot make it. Missing two fights in a row without any notification will result with loss of fighter contract. The fighter contract will be made available to other members on the roster forum.








2 prizes will be given to the overall top 2 fighters of the league at the end of the season. Both top fighters will receive a free copy of UFC Undisputed 2011 for the PlayStation 3 console. The season will end when the release date of UFC Undisputed 2011 is announced.






Weight Classes


Fighters who are able to switch weight classes will be able to fight in both weight classes and even have the opportunity to hold both belts depending on how good they are.






Fight Camps


Members may form their own fight camps. These camps can consist of up to 10 members. At times camp members will be matched up to fight each other.








so if your down for a friendly and fun leauge hit us up.. and join the chat





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