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Shogun's Pathetic New Strategy and Gameplan for Machida...


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We all know Shogun isn't going to come into this fight with a new gameplan. His gameplan is to trick Machida into thinking he has a new strategy.. But he doesn't. He's going to come in with his Houston Alexander backpedal and kick all fight gameplan. He is afraid to be the aggressor, because he knows Machida will pick his **** apart. So instead of allowing Machida to make him look like a complete amateur, he made Machida become the aggressor and still lost the fight. Shogun isn't bringing anything to the fight we haven't already seen. His skills and potential have completely maxed out.


Machida on the other hand though, is one of the most up-to-date, state of the art super fighters in the business. He can adapt and take multiple different approaches to this fight. I'm sure he has a plan A, B, C, D, and E plan.. If fights were 26 rounds he'd have plan Z too. Good thing he'll only need plan A to finish Shogun this time though. Machida can adapt, during the fight, between rounds, it doesn't matter Machida is a new age super fighter. Shogun has one plan and he already exposed it. I actually gave Shogun too much credit the first time around, I thought he'd have more to offer Machida than just leg kicks, but I guess I was wrong, the dude is simply basic.


Let's face facts.. Shogun is a 2nd rate fighter who was a champion in a 2nd rate org, which is why he will never become champion in the most premier MMA organization in the world. Shogun is an outdated fighter. Shogun is VHS and Machida is Blu-ray. Shogun is the Wright Brother's plane and Machida is a F-22 Raptor. One is a piece of shhh and the other is the most advanced fighter jet in the world.


In reality, Shogun is just a slightly better version of Wanderlei Silva. Shogun has been figured out. It's like playing against some scrub in Street Fighter 2 at the arcades back in the day, where all they do is press one button. Sure they might have beat you with it the first time you played them, but once you figured out their game, it was over, they'd get slaughtered from then on out. Shogun basically pressed one button the entire fight, all he did was tap low kick for 5 rounds straight. I don't know if it gets much more basic than that. You could say Shogun is a friggin OG Nintendo controller, and all he has is A and B to execute attack moves, Machida is a damn XBOX 360 controller and each button, bumper, trigger and joystick signify what he has in his arsenal. Imagine Shogun on a 360 controller, you'd be binding the same move to 5 different buttons, and wondering WTF you need all those buttons for.


That's what I'm trying to get through your alls heads.. Shogun is one dimensional.. His one button spamming didn't work for him the first time, now he's really done, he's got nothing left. His 2nd rate org Pride tactics won't work in the big leagues, especially not against a fighter of Machida's caliber. That slop might fly over there in Japan, and you might get away with it there, but don't bring that ish to the big time. So don't front like you've been working "on a new gameplan" because we know the only thing you've been working on is your leg kicks, you aren't switching up shht. You aren't capable of switching it up, your new gameplan is you hope there are different judges than from the first fight, so maybe they might think your leg kick gameplan was good enough to win you the fight. It's all you got going for you kid.

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