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Which fighters do you think would be able to/should drop a weight class?


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I think Maia should go to 170.

CroCop should go to 205.

Cain could make 205, but he doesn't need to right now because he is tearing up the heavyweights. But if he starts losing, it would be a wise option.

Rashad can probably drop to 185 if he can't get back into title contention.

Edgar can drop to 145, but no need when you are champ at 155.

Shields should drop to 170.

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100% agree with cro cop dropping down.. i mean he acts like dropping down to 205 makes him less of a man, Imo i think if u cant atleast see your self beating the camp at some point than dont even go in to the division, i mean if your there for any other reasons other than being the champ ur there for the wrong reasons i mean im sure im not the only one who can't see cro cop taking on lesnar... he doesnt excel above any top contenders in anything he was beaten by cheik kongo standing, and jds, and they are 2 of the best strikers in the divison...

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Yeah Maia should drop to 170 he wont ever get another chance at the belt at MW.


Cro Cop should also move down to 205 i think hed make somewhat of an impact and hes not reaching gold at 265.


I do not think Cain could cut 45lbs to make LHW but if he could hed be a real force at that weight.


If rashad loses to rampage he should drop down to 185 because it would be nice to have another contender at 185 and if he loses to rampage he wont have a shot at LHW champ again.


Edgar is fine at 155 hes great because of his speed i think it is questionable if he would be better at 145 honestly.


Shields already said he will probably drop to 170 he also said its the best weight class for him we all know he isnt a top MW but is a top WW.

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Serra at 155 is definitely a good idea.


Swick would probably die making 155 , and i dont think it would much make a difference what weight he was at , at this point.


I think everyone would love to see Fedor at 205 but its not realistic and wont happen , I know id rather see Fedor at 205 vs Machida then Fedor vs Brock personally.


Shogun could drop to 185 and be healthy doing it in my opinion , he should come take that belt from Anderson if he doesnt get the belt from Machida but thats just my opinion.


Anthony Johnson should cut to 145 :D

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