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Athleticism and Vigor meaning more than Experience


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Lately the term "who has he fought?" has gotten thrown around a lot like its an up and coming fighter's fault for having to climb the ladder for the first time. The latest is Paul Daley getting ready for UFC 113. Guess what?


before UFC 110 - who has Cain Velasquez fought?

before UFC on Versus - who has Jon Jones faught?

before UFC 111 - who has Shane Carwin faught?

before UFC 112 - who has Frankie Edgar faught?


I think the sport has evolved enough and people are driven enough in their training camps, where you can hardly count people out based on lack of experience. Sorry, but the days where hardened veterans like Nogueira are submitting people because they were one dimensional fighters who don't know any jiu-jitsu are over. A lot of the young lions in the UFC now are actually discplined, sourround themselves with greats coaches in every aspect of the game, and have faced tougher people in NCAA wrestling than in the octagon. The key to success in the UFC is being an athelte and working hard and not just about how many "notable" wins you have. Sure experience has some value, but I for one am not surprised anymore about how many new generation fighters are on a rocket ship to the top with no one being able to stop them.

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