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Ufc 113 predictions


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all my UFC 113 predictions are on blogspot, i took time making them so please come check em out and comment wheter you agree etc.


Please support me by following me on it if yous have got it!!!




UFC 113 promises to give an exciting and entertaining night of fights with the eagerly aticipated rematch between Lyoto Machida(UFC Light Heavyweight Champion) and Shogun Rua to take place after the conterversial fight at UFC 104 where Lyoto Machida retained his belt via unanimous decision.

Other great fight taking place are Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley and the Heavyweight match-up between the love him or hate him fighter Kimbo Slice who will be taking on fellow TUF contestant Matt Mitrione which promises to create as much excitement as the Mainevent(maybe not (:)

So now its down to the fun part, whos gonna win:





Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua(Light Heavyweight)Title fight


This fight is the rematch after the UFC 104 conterversial decision which gave Machida the win. This first fight was relativly uneventful with the usual Machide being even more cautious than usaual and seeming afraid to engage with Shogun and Shogun continuously leg kicked Machida and in my opinion clearly should be the champ as i type. This time however i think we will see a different Machida and one who is less affraid, and you never know what you will get with shogun, however i think hes gonna have to be even better this this if he wants to compete.

Will Machida go foward? I think yes, i think Machida will be aggresive and want to finish the fight, however, i see it going to the judges who this time will have the easy job of scoring the win to Machida and cause Bruce to say "and still light....." .

Who wins? Lyoto Machida (Decision)




Josh Koscheck v Paul Daley(Welterweight)


Koscheck has got himself on a nice little run thus far with Frank Trigg and Anthony Johnson his latest victims. Then we have got Johnson who at age 27 has alredy amounted something like 33 fights and give him one punch and he could very well end the fight as seen by his fight record which is lined by 1st and 2nd round ko,s.

Kos. however is possibly this fight away from a shot at the title and im sure he is well aware of this. im hoping this point however doesnt remove the confidence he has been fighting with recently cause to anyone with MMA knowledge you can tell hes focsued. I can see this fight being a cautious bout between both men and possibly a mistake being the difference. Daley is surely going to want to stand up with the wrestling machine Koscheck surely wanting to take it to the ground and deliver his truely accurate and vicious group and pound.

On the night, i think Kos. will win this one late on, but i really dont see the judges being required for this one. (FIGHT OF THE NIGHT :)


Who wins? Josh koscheck (TKO Late on)



Kimbo Slice vs Matt mitrione(Heavyweight)


No matter what is said about Kimbo, there is no denying that he is trying and maybe this time, we will see a fully conditioned Slice who could eventually put himself in the minds of the top Heavyweights like we have already saw Roy Nelson do, which lets face it, not many gave him such a chance. Houston Alexander was Kimbos last opponent and first of any real calibre, and he defeated him by decision in a not so impressive preformance by both men, although Slice showed some good bursts of energy.

Matt Mitricne is the lesser experienced fighter out of the two, with only one previous fight against Marcus Jones, which really showed us nothing.

I see this fight going two ways, either kimbo to smash mitrione early or it to be a long 15 mins, where we will see two gassed out fighter throwing punches with no power.I do think how ever the UFC have given Kimbo this fight with the confidence he will win cause im sure they would like him to stick around for a while(money).

Whos wins? Kimbo Slice (KO)




Patrick Cote vs Alan Belchar(Middleweight


So what we have got here is Cote who is prodominantly a boxer but is more than capible of getting the submission but i seem to think when hes fighting the more higly regarded opponents he tends to stick to his boxing as we saw against guys like Drew McFedries and Kendall Grove where he scored 1st Ko,s against both which led to his eventual shot at the spider(really lost my repect).

On the other hand we have got Alan Belchar who i think needs to start delivering his true potential that he was thought to have and he needs to get rid of the inconsistancy in his game. His last fight was against Wilson Gouveia where during the fight, Belcher displayed a good chin and precise punches and eventually got the stoppage in the first round.

The way i think this fight will go is that Cotes punches with have to much power for Belchars chin(which does get tested) and i can see this ending either 1st or 2nd round.

Who wins ? Cote (TKO 1ST)



Jeremy Stephens v Sam Stout(Lightweight)

Who wins? Sam Stout(Decision)



Thanks for reading and tell me where im wrong in the comments :)

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Totally agree with all but 1 fight,


I think Matt Mitrione will win his fight (But I bet the UFC dont want that) due to the marketability of Kimbo, sorry just think he is over rated.


Koscheck has faced dangerous strikers ie Anthony Johnson. His wrestling is too strong and unless he gets caught early on in the fight or going in for a take down I think he will do it easy.

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