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UFC event age requirements?


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No, UFC does not have age restrictions as long as there is a ticket fo reach individual, BUT, some arenas have rules about minors and supervision. Especially in Vegas, since the events take place in arenas attached to casinos. Call ahead if you have specific questions.


I personally have not seen many drunk fights, certainly less than at a hockey or football game. It is no different than any other sporting event where there are lots of drunk guys. Just be mindful of your kids and your surroundings.


One of my kids loves going to the fights, and he is 4. He and my 2 year old love to go to the weigh in's too. The worst problem I've encountered is that they are shorter than everyone else, so they get uncomfortable trying to see from their seat and need a bodyguard on the way to the bathroom so no one steps on them.


Oh, and kids hate waiting. Sneak candy in your pockets, and pull it out occasionally to pacify them. Not great parenting, but better than the whine. Specifically, at MGM, there is a food court outside the arena, so you can bribe them with food or treats, too :)

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