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Vitor Belfort's return


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Sunday 11th of April........Vitor Belfort


How is your shoulder recovery going?

Pretty good. I?m in the middle of a treatment, going to the UFC?s doctor that Lorenzo (Fertitta) arranged for me. He?s really liking it. I?ll go there on Tuesday and we will establish the date of my comeback, between August and October.


Are you already back to the trainings?

Almost there. Doing leg preparation, a lot of running and physical preparation so that I don?t overload my shoulder. Now it the time to regain my shoulder?s moves, make it more stable. I can?t do much, but our cross training has been nice, preserving my weigh. It?s all going really, really well, never better. I?m motivated and exited.


Do you intend to fight for the title on your comeback?

I?m working in this direction. My goal is to fight for the belt. That is what I?m waiting for and is all settled. The shoulder did not made things easy last time, but that?s exactly the reason of my motivation.


Do you want make a last comment?

I want to say something to my fans, thanks for their support on Twitter and other networks. I?m coming back. I hope you can understand that an athlete depends on his body, so I ask for patience and even more support for my comeback. God bless you.

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