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Is Jake Sheilds the weakest puncher in mma history?


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Seriously...The fight would of been over in the 2nd round if he even had the punching power of a 14 year old.


Yeah he has egg shells for fists


And by the way I think Dan Henderson forgot how to wrestle


How dissapointing Hendo looked like crap ... his wrestling skill went to crap


Dan Henderson where the hell are you

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You have to take into account the fact that Jake's been rocked' date=' he may not be his full self.


In addition.... it's Hendo. enough said.[/quote']


He had recovered long before he mounted him in the 2nd round. And punching power isnt effected by who you are fighting. His punching power is pathetic. Hendo is getting dominated and would be KTFO in the 3nd or the 4th if Sheilds knew how to throw a punch.

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