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Why did Hendo wait till just days before to drop 20 lbs?


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That just doesn't seem like a good idea.


I agree normally depending on the weightclass they try to get between 10 to 16 out in the few days before the weigh in. Like Penn probably cuts from 166ish but goes to 170 fight night. A lot of 205ers like to get themselves around 216-218 before weigh ins but come into the fight 225+. Even the big welters like GSP that said he would be 191 or 192 on fight night against Hardy would have been about 182-184 at that time leading up to the weigh ins.


I'll admit I'm a Hendo fan but I also think he has no business cutting down to 185 at his age in a 5 round fight anymore. He would have been better off not trying to be a champ in 2 divisions with Strikeforce but just gone after Mousasi at 205 with little to no weight cut and he would have done the exact same thing Mo Lawal did tonight except with better ground and pound as well as the potential to end it standing with one shot. If he would have decided to do that obviously he would have skipped right past Mo for a title shot. Hendo can go 5 hard rounds at 205 just watch the Rampage fight. Taking a 185 bout with a natural welterweight that is barely cutting any weight at all in a 5 round fight spelled disaster obviously. Although I thought Shields was out when he face planted from that first knockdown. Hendo should have finished it early and honestly I'm really surprised he didn't. Props to Shields for taking that shot and not get pounded out. I was actually laughing when it first happened because even one of the announcers thought he got knocked out by the way he fell.

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I think he might have been out, he was free-falling toward the canvas.


You do have to give him credit for surviving that first round, but I was not impressed with his performance.


As weak as Hendo looked, Shields punches from the full mount were weaker.


C'mon, over rounds 2 - 5 he had him in full mount for how long... 10 minutes?


And he couldn't put him away?


IDK, congrats to Shields. A win is a win.

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