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Too many Strikforce Threads lets make it simple.


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Strikeforce... WWE Entrances= Reason not to watch

Fighters that don't look for finishes=Reason not to watch

Jake Shields = Good fighter no doubt, but afraid of standup and can't finish anyone with half a chin

Interview with Hendo b4 fight telling his strategy= retarded and why he lost

Brawl at the end= If Dana White was running strikeforce you'd never hear the name Miller again.


Light Heavyweight title fight: I watched this then watched Ryan Bader vs Jardine... Bader vs Jardine u can just tell the considerable difference in talent (My girlfriend actually said that statement and she barely watches MMA). The championship bout of Strikeforce the fighters looked half as good as Bader and Jardine who aren't even in title contention yet.


Verdict: I watched UFC 110 for the second time more then I watched a new Strikeforce card.

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If Dana White was running strikeforce you'd never hear the name Miller again.


And do you know why this would happen? Because Jason Miller would be laying face down in an unmarked grave in the desert. And people might every once in a while say "What ever happened to that Miller guy" and everyone would be saying SHHH Dana might hear you!

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i dont see why everyone blames Miller. GSP got in the ring an talkd the rematch between Penn. Evans and Rampage trashed talked one another after the Jardine fight. I dont think it wouldve been a problem to Dana. Now if the whole camp jumped in and started jumping the other fighter, then Dana would have very choice words for them. In no way was Miller wrong. It was a hype stunt. Miller doing that, then getting the rematch wouldve been big for the fight. If you notice, at first Shields touches his chest and smiles, after Melendez shows up, then Shields acts hard. Nick aswell as Shields lost there chance at UFC stardom. And Nate is prob gonna be in a hep of poop. Strikeforce will plumpt because of this, no matter what kinda actions Coker takes. I mean, come on now, a whole entire camp, including many that are Strikeforce "Champs" jumping one man... thats simply why the sport catches the hell it does. Thanks for F**kin it up Strikeforce, Coker, and Team Cant fight for themselves.

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