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Why the eff does penn get the rematch


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He just fricken lost decisively to edgar. he got beat up. why would someone who just lost to that person get a fricken rematch? i mean, HE JUST LOST, he isnt going to beat him if he just lost to him. i understand the machida rua deal, but not edgar vs penn. i know there isnt anyone for penn to fight at lw. but still someone else should be able to get a shot. grey maynard shouldnt have to mess with ken doll. hell let george fight for it. anyone but penn. he dosnt belong in the lightweight. even if he did beat edgar this time, there isnt anyone besides edgar that can beat him. so will there just be rematch after rematch? penn and edgar fighting each other time after time? penn needs to stop being a ***** and move up.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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