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Unofficial Lightweight Rankings


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So I was on the SF forums looking around, and I came across "this".

One of the members named "ufcSUCKS" created this list of the top LWs in the world.

He had Aoki as #1 before the fight.


1) Alvarez- I had him 3, moves up because the top two lost.

2) Melendez- Beat the number 1 fighter.

3) Edgar- Beat the number 2 fighter.

4) Aoki- Drops down, but still a great fighter.

5) Penn- Drops down, but still a great fighter.

(6-10) Wide open.

Anyways, pure stupidity or factual?

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1. edgar

2-3 melendez-penn

4 henderson

5 cerrone

6 florian

7. alvares

8. maynard

9. aoki

10. varner


Dont forget the wec LW' date=' they are good[/quote']

I like your list, but I wouldn't put Henderson or Cerrone so high, seeing as WEC is still considered the farm league of the UFC.

I'd put:

1. Edgar (Pure Champion reasons, I don't really think he's #1)

2. Melendez (Same reason)

3. Penn

4. Eddie Alvarez

5. KenFlo

6. Maynard

7. Aoki

8. Kawajiri

9. Sean Sherk

10. Henderon

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