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Conspiracy theory set to bring the ufc to its knees


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that right you heard it here first.


The ufc is a parent company to these online spammers trying to off their products. ive seen people get IP bans before but these guys continuously "slip through the system" the ufc are trying to poison our minds with this continuous assult on us forumers with these crappy clothing merchandise.


Why would they do this to us? I guess its easy i mean this is the most popular MMA site and the weeks leading up to an event this place is a mad house, they are trying to embed it into our brains so we will eventually succum to the brain washing of this continous assult on us. it all makes sense i mean how do these guys get through the system and SCO cant? sure they give the impression that they are doing something but as soon as one is deleted a new one is coming up


The ufc is trying to brain wash us people, you dont see this crap on other forums only on here, do you think its a coincidence?


We need to unite for our ending is upon us, we need to go public with this information in order for the chaos to stop

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Dunno about brain-washing via spam although have to agree I don't get this anywhere else online.


I've seen Dana making the horned hand signs on the regular like so many in the public eye (no pun intended for those that know). You can't get ANYWHERE substantial in this world without selling your soul to the next echelon above, I doubt for a second the ufc is any different.


We buy sex, drugs, subliminal music, watch tv/films infested with propaganda and now you can pay to watch real violence on tap.


Anyone removes this post I will keep posting.

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