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Striking Instructional: The Brazilian Kick


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Hey guys recently there hasn't been much good threads around so I have decided to make this thread on how to complete and execute the Brazilian Kick.

People please feel free to add in you input and make threads similiar to this to help keep this section of the forum alive.


The Brazilian Kick

For any of you K1 fans you may recognise this kick. It belongs with the high end strikers but there is no reason why MMA fighters can't learn and use this today.

This kick may be seen here

K1 2007.


What is this strike?

Many of you may know and many of you won't. Basically you are faking a kick to the mid section hoping to catch your opponent off guard and send the kick right to his temple.

If you watch the previous video here:

you see the victim's guard coming down (stupid but common) in a hope to catch or deflect the expected kick to the body. This is the most important value of the kick and that is how it works.


How do I do it?

Here is a instructional video I found:

this is a slight variation of the brazilian kick and is very effective. Emphasis is given on making the fake look real then quickly and fluidly changing the direction of the kick. It is difficult at first and I spent a good week frustrated over trying to do it well but when it came to me I realised how great the kick really is.


When should I use it?

It should be used when the opponent is backing up, been backed up or is against the ropes.

- Serve's well against people who back away alot(Machida)

- Defensive strikers(A.Silva

- People who are worried about the damage they have already taken to the midsection

The kick can be set up rounds before it is even used by constantly taking shots at his/her body to get them concious about the fact they won't be able to take much more punishment. People's guards may drop and people may over commit to catching or deflecting a shot to the mid section.



- It's not a kick you have to worry about setting up with a punch

- It tricks the opponent making it harder to block

- It looks amazing yet awkward so it's a croud pleaser and a death trap for the victim

- Hold enough power to render your opponent unconcious



- If done to slow you may catch a pucn

- If done when the opponent is pushing foward you may catch a punch

- In MMA if it is done unnefectively it may be easier to take you down


The kick is truly a amazing invention and to anyone competing in MMA or any striking martial art I would strongly reccomend you to learn it. Thanks I hope I helped some of you and I hope some of you make threads similiar to this

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Lol' date='


I used this kick when I was 14 years old, which my sensei taught us in our London dojo.


Why is it called a Brazilian kick? It is just a round kick with a faint front kick :rolleyes:[/quote']


Well I don't know why they call it a Brazilian Kick all I know is that it works

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