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So a bunch of guys walk into the bar...


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Billy bob and a group of his friends walk into a bar. they set up shop in the back, laughing, drinking, and playing pool. After a couple of ales, they are chatting it up and having a live old time. Then something breaks out and they are all making fun of billy bob for whatever reason.


eventually billy bob just shrugs it off and goes up to the bartender, he points over across to the other side of the bar at a shot glass sitting far off at a distance, and tells the bartender "I bet you $500 that I can stand right here and take a piss and every drop of it will land in that shot glass"


The bartender thinks thats pretty gross, but the tips have been crumby and he needs some extra money for his frat boy college parties, and figures there is no way in hell he could pull this off. why not? So he accepts billy bob's offter and proceeds to stand by and watch as billy bob whips it out, and fires away


well sadly for billy bob, his precision was not very precise. in fact it ended up going all over the bar, all over the bartender, all over the floor, but he didnt manage to even land a sprinkle inside the shot glass.


well the bartender just laughs at billy bob with a smile on his face as he takes his $500. now he doesn't have to worry about the funds for next next weeks kegger. He proceeds to clean up the mess and goes on about his business.


Anyways, billy bob then goes over to his pool buddies, and starts conversing. a while later, despite losing $500 on an impossible bet, he seems pretty happy about it so he decides to order food and a round of drinks for everybody.


The bartender asks him whats going on? You just lost $500, youve been drinking all night, and your still spending cash. That guy across the bar is yelling at you and looks like he wants to fight you, so why dont you just go home and call it a night??


Billy Bob replies to the bartender "That angry guy across the bar is my buddy Jimbo. I just bet him $1000 that I could take a piss all over you and your bar, and you would be totally fine with it."

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