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New Undisputed 2010 video walkthrough career mode


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Seriously guys' date=' i am so pumped for this! I'm unhappy [b']about no moving up in weight though[/b], gets kinda boring when you fight the same 3 guys over and over again.


from everything i've seen and read,you are able to move up a weight class,but you'll have to vacate your current title


pft u should see the EA MMA game' date=' looks like diarrhea compared 2 UFC Undisputed 2010.




yes, including fedor.[/quote']



yes it does

i saw the commercial for it during saturdays strikeforce and i was amazed

the guys literally look like cartoon characters

i was thinking no way this is what that games gonna look like

then the lil "actually gameplay footage" popped up

and all i could think was,wow..they really should just left those words out,cause it looked like a joke

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Thanks for posting



The career mode looks sick!


I like how you can train at diff camps to learn things. The triangle animation (2:45) looks way better' date=' last years annoyed me.[/quote']


i was thinking the same thing about the triangle animation. looks way better and more legit

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