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Favorite UFC event both Before Zuffa and with Zuffa


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I want to know everyone's favorite ufc event from both before Zuffa and now with Zuffa (zuffa took over at UFC 30)

my personal favorite before Zuffa is UFC 3 and UFC 4

ufc 3 because I loved the Keith Hackney vs Emanual Yarborough it was a great fight for early ufc and also Kimo vs Royce Gracie was awesome.


UFC 4 featured Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn in the finals. but what took it for me was Keith Hackney vs Joe Son when keith tagged Joe Son in the Nuts about a dozen times making him tap LOL.


and now for the UFC in the Zuffa era

UFC 40 my favorite Tito vs Ken shamrock 1 , Chuck vs Babulu 1 ect. overall great card

and close second

UFC 84

B.J. Penn vs Sean Sherk

Tito vs Machida

WandaI vs Jardine


third is UFC 51 super saturday Tito vs Vitor , Arlovski vs Sylvia 1(HW title), Tanner vs David Terrell (MW title )

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Pre Zuffa fights:


1. Mark Coleman vs Don Frye


2. Royce Gracie matches (except his rematch with shamrock coz that sucks)


3. Keith Hackney vs the sumo guy (brutal)


4. Pete Williams vs Mark Coleman (first ever KO by kick)


Zuffa era: Too many to mention

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