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I've been sat here tonight watching a rerun of an old world cup match on tv, from the 70's and just noticed how things have changed, the refs now have mic's to the linesman, the ball is made of different materials, football boots etc....well i was wondering what kind of technology could be in the ufc in about 10 or 20 years lol...i'm hoping for something like little microchip pressure pads on the gloves, now that would be cool, you'd actually be able to see what kind of punches people can give and withstand, could have an average power punch stat underneath the reach...and something similar BJJ so you can measure how much force is being used at a given time....would be good to see how much force that armbar from gsp on hardy had in it.


I think they'll gradually do something...maybe not the idea...well hope that i have tho...maybe a new kinda camera angle...hey new idea lol..a tiny little camera that can be stitched into the knuckle within the padding of a fighters glove...imagine it for a sec and it'll make ya laugh...i just pictured the view we would've got of bispings face from hendo's

right hand lol.

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