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Karaoke can do wonders


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I have been pondering long and hard trying to understand why the Raffster makes very coherent comments on some days and then on other days he baffles me and leaves me bewildered. Night and day I try to come up with a plausible explanation for this but nothing seems to connect until recently I read a thread about Fillippinos, which sparked my memories and took me back to the days when I was in the U.S. Navy.


So my story begins:


When I was in the Navy, I did two deployments, venturing into Asia and ultimately the Persian Gulf. We made stops in Guam, Singapore, Japan, Bangkok, and Hong Kong before we set out to police the Persian Gulf. Anyone who is anyone knows one cannot do battle before having some good old missionary fun at the expense of massage parlors which many of these stops have and they were more than willing to relieve the anxieties of the many sailors who have been on abstinence for some time.


In Guam, which is in the Phillippines, while my peers were getting their anxieties relieved, I ventured to restaurants and bars to look for live music. Unfortunately, before I could find live music I ran into karaoke places. Everywhere I went, there was karaoke everywhere. The convenient stores had karaoke. The gas stations had karaoke. The flee market had karaoke. And of course, the bars and restaurants had karaoke.


So I decided to dine and listen to some karaoke. As I was listening to Fillipinos karaoking, I read along to see if they were singing the right words. To my surprise, these karaoke songs were poorly dictated, having some serious grammar issues. Words which did not need an "S" had an "S." All the karaoke songs were a mess when it came to proper English.


As poorly dictated as the karaoke songs were, I was still mesmerized by the quality of the singing. Each and every Fillippino that went up to sing could have easily been an American Idol winner. They all had vibrato. They knew when to be soft and knew when to be loud and powerful. Each and every note was sung to perfection. I was amazed.


I had my dinner and was now ready to hit the bar. When I got to a bar, the same scenario repeated itself. Fillippinos after Fillipinos were singing karaoke and sounding like an American Idol winner. Is this all they do? Apparently, yes. Karaoke/making music is the number one recreation for Fillipinnos.


How does this relate to Raffy? Well, I think Raffy learned his English from karaoke. This explains his incorrect usages of verbs sometimes. It's not his fault. He learned it from an incorrect source, his karaoke songs. Sometimes the Raffster makes perfect sense and why is that? Lately, he has been buying better quality karaoke songs which has better English dictation. Do you all remember when the Raffster first became a ufc member? He made no sense what-so-ever. Every-time I read any of his posts, I would end up scratching my head and going to sleep with an uneasy feeling.


Recently, Berserker101 has guided Raffy to brand name karaoke songs which have much better English dictation. In the recent weeks, the quality karaoke songs have proven effective, showing much improvement in the speech of the Raffster.


Some of you are thinking I am insane and probably rightfully so; but let me tell you about a Fillippino who karaoked himself into the legendary rock-band, Journey. His name is Arnel Pineda.


Karaoke can teach you a new language and also make you a star.

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KungFuMaster' date=' that was an entertaining read. Quite a leap to make, but funny nonetheless.


Can Raffy confirm or deny this? I will be awaiting his response...



Thank you for reading.


Glad you liked it.


If you enjoy this type of reading, you can go into the "Beware fellow forum members" thread and look at my last post. It has the title of all my threads and you can search for them.

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