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Ive went through every fighter in the UFC a few months back trying to choose a fighter that I thought I would have the best chance at beating if the fight was scheduled 12 weeks from now. (Mind you I am 5'9'' 145lb.)



The fighter I picked was Jason Dent from TUF 9.



Other than that, I would like to fight Nate Diaz, Matt Mitrione, and maybe Chris Lytle (just because I would be more likely to get a FOTN Bonus :D)

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Me vs anyone in the WEC 135ers. If i threw a punch(jab) i would probably send them into seizures or a coma ending their career so id probably be nice and submit them. People that small are better suited racing horses and not fighting


Out of the ufc guys i'd fight anderson silva. My strategy would be to come at him 100% soon as the bell wrang and tie up going for a takedown. Any good gnp fighter could have beat him if they got him down like Lutter did

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