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What's the difference between.....


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it will be a good match for the old school ufc fans ..


i see it two different ways


1. chuck will out-strike rich and break him mentally

2. rich will catch liddel if chuck still fights with his hands down



i honestly think tito and chuck were never gonna fight .. whether it be rich had prior engagements or whatever that didnt allow him to coach .. maybe it was just over pure drama to draw people in ..tito creates controversy and thats what gets everyone watching .. i mean can you honestly see chuck and rich smack talking to each other ??? it wouldnt be the tv drama spike wants to shell major dough for


i cant wait to see it cause i dont think its gonna end quick and we havent seen a decent striking match in a while .. chucks old we know and rich is well .. he's not really the same .. but def a good fight

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