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what is going on with thq !!!!


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I was "big" into the new UFC game 2009 that was. I was an avide loser on their forums hoping for updates and what have you. And don't be suprised if the DEMO is late. The PR last year was utttttttttter garbage. Not responding to QandA not posting videos not given updates ( all that was said to be done etc. )


Example: Every Friday we will answer 3 questiions from QandA and every Saturday we will post a new Fight Video....


Tuesday would roll around and we would get 2 questions answered that didnt even pertain to anything relative or asked in the QandA... Shiv like YES YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PUNCH KICK COMBO!!!!!!

and maybe a 30 second video of what a fighter might look like.


90% of threads on that site turned into being stuff like " THIS IS GARBAGE "..." PR NIGHTMARE"... " NOT BUYING A GAME BY THESE GUYS" etc etc etc etc...


The mods couldnt even controll the spam and negative feedback that they were getting. Demo was delayed with no info and released much after we were orginally told.


id assume by one way or another Dana would have somehow got wind of this and probably told them to shape it up even just a bit. Still no confirmed date whatsoever but last "MOD POST" was to be a month before release, meaning i believe April 25th. But I wouldnt expect it Tilll Sometime in May probably 4th or w/e the Tuesday falls on right before the Big UFC Fight 113.

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