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Lauzon v Escudero


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i know these fighters arent too important but i have a question.

Why is silva giving dan to efrain. now i know mma math isnt too reliable but heres my points.

1) efrain tko'd cole miller whom submitted lauzon

2)efrain has only 1 loss on his record but lauzon has 2

the reason this irks me is becuse if you ask me it seems a little cruel. efrain is definitely gonna pull the victory out easily and i just seems like lauzon is being given a tough time. it wouldn't be as important if there wasn't guys like jardine walking around with 3 losses and still fighting. it's just the UFC tactics that frustrate me and this is a prime example. jardine brings people in but that shouldn't be causation enough. personally the more professional the league the more i enjoy it. and just because efrain was on the ultimate fighter so people like him doesn't mean you give him a fighter who hasn't had a fair shot so that they can get efrain recognized more.


silva should be getting paid to build fighters, not names

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Yeh I think it is a silly fight as well obvious win for efrain unless he get's caught in something again.

There are a couple of reasons I think 1 is that he is an ultimate fighter winner, so he is going to be given the easy fights when he needs them, he is on a 100,000 dollar contract.


and another reason is that they are punishing efrain because he lost too dunham. Dunham has got no skills at all, dunham will get killed by griffin.

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