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New Ryan Bader interview...


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I got this off of my facebook....


Hometown ? Reno, Nevada.

I came out to AZ in 2001 on a wrestling

scholarship to ASU.

Age ? 26

Weight - I fight at 205, walk around at 220

Height - 6'2''

Official record - 11-0




How often do you train?

When I'm in a training camp, I am training two to three times a day. I do a very intense run twice a week, which involves an hour and a half of various sprints and exercises. This is one of the harder workouts I have ever done. We do this up at The Training Room in Scottsdale. When I am not at that in the morning, I am doing strength and conditioning twice a week. After strength and conditioning I do jiu jitsu or wrestling also in the morning every day. In the evenings it?s all striking. Three days a week we spar, and that could be MMA sparring, straight boxing, or kickboxing. Two days a week we do pad work and technique. We do spar a lot though and hard. I think it is one thing that separates us from other fighters.


Do you train with other camps?

No I usually stay with my same camp. I have gone out and trained with Nogeria for a week before my flast fight though.


You wrestled at ASU on scholarship right? How was that?

Yes I did. I got a scholarship to come wrestle at ASU from 2001 to 2006. I wrestled at 197lbs all four years and became a two-time Division 1, All American and a three time Pac 10 champ. Wrestling at ASU was one of the best experiences of my life. It made me into the fighter I am today and I also met most of my closest friends and training partners there. It instilled the work ethic, competitive drive, and gave me the tools I use in the Octagon today.


Do you believe your fighting is as well rounded as it needs to be?

No I do not. I feel like I am just starting and I am only going to get better. I come out each fight a better fighter and work hard between fights to make that happen. I will always continue to work on all aspects of my game. What I have has worked for me so far, but I am fighting the big boys now so I need to constantly improve.


How did you enjoy your last knockout?

How did that feel?

Getting the KO felt amazing, especially on a guy like Keith Jardine. My last two fights before that were decisions and I wanted and needed a decisive stoppage. I knew when I hit him with that last punch that it was over and getting a KO is the best feeling in the world.


Who do you think you will fight next?

I have no idea who they want me to fight next. I really have no clue. I would love to fight one of the legends though, maybe Couture or Tito. Only the UFC knows though.


Who do think is the best at your weight class?

Well I would probably have to go with Machida right now since he is undefeated and has the belt. He has a weird style that fighters have a hard time figuring out. Honestly though, 205 is super stacked so all those guys up near contedership are tough, tough fights for anybody.


What do you think is your strongest part of your fighting skills being based as a wrestler?

Is it wrestling?

Yes it would have to be my wrestling and heavy hands. Wrestling allows me to dictate the pace and where the fight goes. Having over 19 years of wrestling behind me helps a ton as far as body awareness, having been competing in a contact sport for so long etc. I also feel that my opponents have to watch out for my hands also, they might not be the prettiest but if they catch you it could turn into a bad night very quickly.


In your strength and conditioning name your 3 favorite exercises?

I like pull ups with a towel in which u are using the towel slung over the pull up bar. Grasping both ends and pulling yourself up. Cleans are another one of my favorite exercises Last but not least are uphill sprints for a minute on the treadmill. These are actually my least favorite because they are extremely hard but that's why I like them.


You were a lot of fun at your photo shoot would you say your always just like the normal guy?

Thank you. Yeah I'm just your normal laid back guy, nothing more nothing less.


What?s the majority of music you listen to?

I literally listen to everything, from country to rock to hardcore rap. Depends what mood I'm in. My favorite music though is chill, beach-type music.


Who is your favorite band?

Of all time, I would probably have to say Sublime


What is your all time favorite movie?

Tombstone...I'm your Huckleberry


Is there anything special or unique that motivates you?

Just to be the best at what I do and the fierce competitor inside me.


How long do you plan on fighting for?

Until I get a bruise. Haha, I don't know. I will stop when I am no longer having fun. As soon as that stops, I am done. I have no set date.


What do you think about Brock Lesnar?

I think he is a man beast and is going to be hard to beat with his size and wrestling. I do think there is one guy out there that is going to beat him soon, and that is my old teammate at ASU Cain Velasquez.


Did you call it that GSP would win against Hardy?

Yes I felt that GSP just had more skills and has been in those big fights numerous times and was composed and relaxed.


What do you think about Boxers coming into MMA?

I think it?s great. Hopefully MMA gets more fans from it. Also it would be good to see an "our sport against yours" kind of rivalry.


What chance do they have?

Just as good of chance as anyone else. I'm sure a pure boxer is not just going to train boxing for a MMA fight. They are going to do it all. Plus they always have that one punch fight ending swing somewhere in their arsenal.


Do you believe in your heart you will win your belt?

Yes. I am not fighting to be mediocre and to be on TV every once in awhile. I am fighting to be the best in the best organization in the world.


SOURCE: http://www.mmadominate.com/ryanbader.html

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