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What do you think of Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar


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Hmph! Bobby Lashley couldn't even make it in the WWE. Brock however was champ for a while' date=' until he was defeated, but not beaten by the best, John Cena! No one ever walks away from his signature FU. Nobody, except Brock Lesanr that it.[/quote']


they need to start using signature finishing moves in ufc


that would really be awesome


that and they need to allow groin shots

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Lesnar would give Lashley a beatdown. I mean come on, Lashley beat Wes Sims? Even that looked like a BS call by the ref and was just for SF to build up thier version of Lesnar. I may not be a Lesnar fan and don't agree with him getting a title shot in his 4th fight, but at least he beat a guy like Randy and not some out of shape dork like Sims. Lesnar wins over Lashley no doubt.

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