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When Chuck gets past Franklin.....


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that is if Chuck gets past Franklin


Franklin is no joke and i think will be more than a handle full for chuck


but personally i think Franklin will come away with the win


Chuck great fighter and all but atm i think Franklin is the better fighter


but should be a real brawl though both coming off KO losses so they will both be hungy for the W


but on your question i think Kimbo is nowhere near chucks level anyway


sure there was a bit of beef and what not but i dont think Dana will put chuck in with Kimbo i think i would be a UD with Chuck completely outclassing Kimbo


over all i dont wanna see the fight at all i dont even want to see kimbo fight at all but as long as hes bringing in money for his name they willl keep chucking mediocre fighters at him


but as i said Chuck way better than Kimbo and Kimbo dont deserve to be in the same Octagon as Chuck

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It sounded like the title of your thread was saying Franklin's a joke, after reading I don't think you meant that.


But to answer your question I believe Kimbo is extremely overrated and wouldn't stand a chance against Liddell, Liddell couldn't take the same punch as he use to but Kimbo still can't deliver enough power to KO Chuck.

If they fight hopefully Liddell will catch Kimbo in a Kimura because I read an interview with Liddell that he would love to fight Kimbo at a catchweight fight, and maybe get a submission just for the sake of having it on his record, that would be funny and a slap in the face.

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