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Favourite Fight Ever????


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I really liked Terry martin vs Chris leben. Leben gets tagged hard, bounces of the cage, walks into 2 or 3 more bombs, than connects hard for the KO. He looked sooo pumped after that, maybe even a little out of it cause those shots by martin were thrown with some bad intentions.

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Out of all the fights I own, via download through Xbox Live or on Blu-Ray/DVD, I watch the Georges St-Pierre vs Jon Fitch the most. So I guess I'll go with their bout. Some other favorites would be Chuck vs Tito 1 and 2, Hughes vs St-Pierre trilogy, Henderson vs Bisping, Henderson vs Rampage, BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk, Liddell vs Wanderlei, and so many others. It's really hard to choose only one.

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Gotta be Guida vs Sanchez or Liddell vs Silva


Rampage vs Liddell @ UFC 71


i liked the forrest v a.silva' date=' probably cause i thought forrest was going be a real test and maybe beat silva as hes such a slugger... boy was i wrong! but still a very entertaining fight.[/quote']


I absolutly loved Hughes vs. Trigg 2.


Also' date=' Sakuraba vs. Smirnovas. <----LOOK THAT UP NOW![/quote']


Haha totally forgot about the Diego vs. Guida fight.. That was purely amazing..


I agree with Meekie that the Forest vs. A.Silv was entertaining solely for the purpose of the ownage that went on in that fight.


And the Frank Trigg vs. Matt Hughes was so very entertaining...


But I thought for surelly the first post in this thread was going to be my favorite fight ever...

Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin :D

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