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I am happy i did not pay for ppv wec


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I agree that Aldo should have finished Faber, but all in alll it was a better card than the last 3 events put on by either SF or UFC. I will say that the Brazilian Champs "coasting" when they consider the fight to be won is getting a little... lackluster and frustrating. If the other fighter is so easily dominated, friggin smoke him. Don't sit there and play the cat and mouse.

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Aldo dominated!

Henderson made quick work of Cerrone, I like Cerrone though, oh well

Brown.. UPSET.. damn it

Roller showed dominant BJJ

Jorgensen got redemption in a great fight

Lastly Garcia and Jung put on a ****inng show! (Jung should have won but oh wellm it happens)


Bottom line, GRRRRREAT night of fights.. to say it wasnt has got to be the dumbest thing ive heard since Rogan claimed Silva was "tired" in his last fight.

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