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Enson Inoue


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Enson Inoue somewhat came back from the fight world grave when he was interviewed on the Rear Naked Choke Show. After a 4 year absence from the fight game, the popular Pride fighter came back at Astra: Yoshida's Farewell, and defeated Antz Nansen by armbar at 2:10 in the first round. Fellow Pride stars Hidehiko Yoshi and Kazuhiro Nakamura fought to a unanimous decision, with Nakamura being the victor. Ryo Chonan was also KOd by Jung Hwan Chan at 1:16 of round two.


Enson Inoue is arguably most well known for defeating Randy Couture via armbar in the first round. Ryo Chonan is also most well known for submitting a legend when he threw a flying scissor heel-hook on the P4P ranked Anderson Silva.

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