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you should put a whole bunch of bootlegged pay per views and fight nights on the site, along with a good banner advertising company.


I'm not saying it's legal or permitted but you would get alot of traffic, therefore alot of revenue from your advertisements. you might just be able to make a buck off of your actions! Alot more then the madeshopping spammer does, at the very least!!


of course i'm not recommending this. i'm just throwing it out there. Just make sure they are good quality rips with no commercials, as you don't want disgruntled fight fans reporting you, or all that website revenue might have to go to a lawyer.

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i know. i was just thowing it out there. there doesnt seem to be enough of them going around as of late. sometimes it's nice to be original.


after all, it would either land you alot of visitors, or in jail.


but yeah i'm pretty sure most people are aware that posting that kind of material is illegal and know better. i was just being a ****. i really don't think i am going to encourage anybody to actually go out and try this, but you'd be surprised. there are some stupid people out there.

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Ok so i just bought a website it will be up and running in the next week and i was just wondering what ufc/pride zuffa related stuff i can put on my site if any i.e. videos' date=' pics, ect




Um, honestly? None. There is an RSS news feed you can look into, as well as the widget, but everything else is copyrighted to the hilt and not available for use.


Not trying to be harsh, seriously, I just want to be honest and put it out there. Look at it from the side of ZUFFA- what's in it for them? They put up all the money to put on events, pay fighters, photographers, employees, etc, so why would they just hand over all these things to let some unknown person run a site completely unrelated or regulated? Not even counting the fact that once it is given to another site, there is no knowing where it will go or what the content will be turned into.


Please don't be discouraged, just go about it properly and definitely try to re-invent the wheel to bring fans something they haven't seen before :)

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